Welcome to the new Green Robot Gamer …

It may not LOOK different, but we’ve changed some things up here.

First off, GreenRobotGamer.com is merely the launch pad to our three other sites; Game Reviews, Controllers 101 and the brand new NVidia Shield Zone.  They will all look familiar to you and can be accessed by the menus above or by these links:

The root domain of GreenRobotGamer.com used to be a launch pad of its own, but thanks to the multi-site version of WordPress – we are able to combine all the WP sites into a single umbrella site.  This will allow us to add things that didn’t behave well in a “split site” environment.

The old subdomains will continue to work so you don’t really have to change your bookmarks – but you can if you like.

There will be little to no news posted here.  Again, this is really just a launch pad.  The real meat of Green Robot Gamer exists in the sub-sites.

Thanks for visiting Green Robot Gamer.